Children are a priority of Journey Church.  We strive to provide a safe, high energy, and Jesus-focused children’s ministry.  From our Sunday School to our regular events, we want to help kids fall in love with Jesus and follow Him all the days of their lives.

At Journey Kids we want to come alongside our families, helping parents communicate Gods love to their children. We provide weekly take home materials, telling you what story we studied.  These resources also give tips on how they can apply these lessons to your daily life. We teach our kids basic lessons from the Bible that will equip them to face life’s challenges. We focus on prayer, teaching kids to pray for themselves and for others. The Bible is the guide book to living a godly life, so we encourage memorization of verses. We play games that involve familiarization with the Bible, so that they will know how to study for life.

We have programs directed at each age group, that stimulates curiosity and encourages communication.

NURSERY  (0-3 years old)  Our nursery volunteers offer a secure, nurturing place to play; encouraging your child to share, take turns, and play well with others.

PRESCHOOL  (potty trained to 5 years old)  This self-contained volunteer led class will offer gentle introduction to Gods love through basic Bible concepts communicated through storytelling and hands-on learning. Our curriculum focuses on three foundational truths: God created you, God loves you, and Jesus wants to be your friend forever. With special attention on sharing and thinking of others.

Kindergarten -1st , 2nd -3rd, 4th – 5th

These groups start out together at an interactive worship service, singing and dancing, and praising God. Then they experience an engaging Bible story. They will then separate for a volunteer lead small group study. In these small groups they will share prayer requests and read from the Bible. Our curriculum focuses on Three basic truths: I can trust God no matter what, I need to make wise choices, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated.  After discussing the lessons, they will play games or do craft projects designed to further the lesson. At the end of the class they will be sent home with a Parent Que explaining what we have studied and learned that Sunday. They will also get a student hand out with challenges to enforce the lesson throughout the week.