Engage Groups



We do this at Journey Church by challenging those who have been worshiping with us to join our "Engage Groups," which are small groups of other believers, often who share something in common (men's groups, young adult groups, mother's groups, etc.), to discuss the week's message, a topic from a study, or occurrences going on in the lives of those gathered.  The Engage stage does not replace the Ignitestage, but adds to it.  People in Engage groups should still be worshiping regularly.  These Engage groups are designed to spur on growth, as well as giving support to one another.  Our groups develop strong bonds with one another and really do help to give strength, encouragement, and give accountability to those involved.


At Journey Church - in the Engage stage, and beyond, we hope to connect the passionate worshipers into small groups in order to learn and grow with one another.


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