Journey Church has traveled many miles in its nearly ten-year history. This community of faith began when Pastor Mark Rice and a core group of leaders decided to “go portable” in order to provide a worship space for a fledgling church of 40 people. In 2007, the first portable service was held at the nearby Hualapai Mountain Park, 14 miles southeast of Kingman. Other services were held at Metcalf Park in Kingman’s historic downtown area. Manzanita Baptist Church offered their sanctuary for services on Saturday night for several months. The church then rented space in the partially empty Mohave Engineering Building before moving to the gym at Manzanita Elementary School and then on to the gym at White Cliffs Middle School. Journey Church was blessed to have a dedicated, energetic group of volunteers who labored diligently to unload then set up sound equipment, curtained “walls” and chairs, and then pack everything back up in trailers when the service was over.

During the time the church was meeting at White Cliffs Middle School, membership increased and land was purchased on Bank Street with the hope of someday erecting a building on the site. Due to issues that developed and could not be resolved, the church split. A few months later Pastor Rice resigned. The EFCA provided guidance during this transitional period, recommending Pastor Dale Sharp as an excellent candidate for the position of lead pastor. During this time, the church office was located to a vacant building on North Stockton Hill Road.

Pastor Sharp took over the daunting task of finding the financing to build a permanent structure on the site at Bank Street. He also actively addressed concerns that needed resolution, leading to a period of healing and recovery. The Journey family grew during his tenure. After much prayer, many miracles, and the tireless efforts of Pastor Sharp and the building committee, financing was secured for the new church facility.

On May 11, 2014, Journey Church held its first worship service in the completed building. Many hours given by both professionals and other volunteers made this beautiful structure possible.

In June of 2017, Pastor Sharp retired due to declining health. Once again, the EFCA stepped in to guide the church through another transitional period. With the help of interim pastor Dr. Gary Bassham, this community of faith remains hopeful, vibrant, and committed to ignite, engage, and venture forth for Jesus Christ.